Sandqvist – “Sustainable bags made to last“

A few years ago, my addiction to Scandinavian design led me to Sandqvist. I recently bought my second backpack from the Swedish brand and totally fell in love with its timeless design that is both functional and aesthetic.

For a long time, most backpacks had a problem: they were either functional or stylish and design-led. Sandqvist however, was the answer to this issue. But the co-founders and friends Anton, Daniel and Sebastian wanted more. The brand grew organically and added weekend bags, messenger bags, wallets and many more well-crafted items to their portfolio.

Full Transparency, long-lasting quality

Based in Gothenburg, the Scandinavian DNA is an essential part of Sandqvist’s brand identity. Founded in 2004, the Swedish label always made sure to follow their core values by committing to sustainability and care for the environment. Producing long-lasting products is one of Sandqvist‘s key pillars ever since. Therefore, the company carefully watches the working conditions among suppliers, uses recycled and organic materials and ensures full transparency in regard to its supply chain.

From Black to Yellow

While I love Sandqvist for their all-black items, I also love the brand’s exploration of different colors including soft earth tones but also bolder color combinations. Besides a black backpack, I own several items in Sandqvist’s signature yellow which, in the first place, might remind you of a buoy or banana peel.

Sandqvist offers carefully-crafted items for every budget. More affordable backpacks made from organic cotton like Tony come at € 109 while some bags featuring leather details like Hege cost up to € 249.


sandqvist dante backpack
sandqvist store gothenburg sweden
Sandqvist store in Gothenburg

Photos: Sandqvist

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